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Wild Oats is a hilarious, rip-snorting comedy set in the Old West. Included in our production are the typical melodramatic plot elements and characters: a crusty Colonel looking for deserters from the Army; an evil landlord foreclosing at the drop of a tumbleweed; an Indian guide who speaks with an Irish accent; a hero who stops a speeding train; a son who’s been kicked out of more military schools than he can count because he wants to be “an actor”! (Gasp!); a heroine who must follow the rules of her late father’s will or lose her inheritance; mistaken identities, reunited family members and a bear.
And so it goes – resulting in a happy slam-bang wildly funny farce which provides both a field day for performers, and an experience of sheer delight for audiences.
An added bonus to our production is “promenade style seating” where audience members will be a part of the action as seating will on the set itself. Be prepared to be moved – literally – as audience interaction is a must!

Arts in Action

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